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Happily Tinkering

I feel I've been neglecting this space a little of late.

It's mostly because of the podcast crush I have going on at the moment.  It's hard to do everything and it's really, really hard to hook, knit or sew up enough projects to feed them both in equal measure.

But today I've been giving the old place a bit of TLC because, surprising and shocking though it is, Blogger have released a sparkling brand new set of themes!  This aged platform may well be feeling a little tired and careworn but it's home to so many of our beloved blogs and I've been resisting the increasingly pressing need to find a new home because I feel quite comfortable with it's familiarity.

So for me, this little update is most welcome and it seems like it will solve most of my bloggy problems for a bit.

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I used to be someone who was fairly frequently giving the old place a little update or tweak here and there, but it's been quite a while since there have been any changes aroun…

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